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Nov 29


Release Description:

It is a sci-fi story that takes place in the near future. You are Harry Herman, an employee of Delta Laboratories who researches interdimensional traveling. You had been participating in a project that was supposed to benefit all humanity, but something went wrong. Through the gameplay, you will solve various physics-based puzzles using an energy-manipulating weapon, travel across space and time to explore surrealistic universes and find out the dark truth about this project and your connection to it.

Solve various puzzles and trick enemies using physics interactions and your special tool - the Portable Energy Manipulator.


Many objects in the game can be picked up, brought somewhere, or manipulated in other ways. Whether it's a computer terminal, a box you can carry, or a simple mug on a table. Explore various interactive environments to find clues and return to the riddle with a solution, which in some cases may be several. Nothing was made for you to solve, there's no cube dispenser or an obvious exit door at the end. It's all for you to figure out.


The device you carry throughout the game can absorb different energy types from the environment and use them to perform various tasks.

Absorbing energy from a particular source will give the gun its’ properties. The heat energy from fire and radiators will melt glass, security cameras can be blinded by a beam of light, and for powering generators, you can take hazardous radiation from toxic puddles scattered across Delta Labs facilities. And of course, you will make an encounter with the quantum entanglement energy - the mysterious power capable of opening rifts between worlds.

Apart from solving environmental puzzles, your device can also be used against various creatures you'll meet in parallel dimensions. Most of the time you can't defeat your enemies; instead, you can use the Manipulator to outsmart or suspend them. Some enemies can be frozen in place using the force field energy, while others are sensitive to light and can be distracted by shooting a beam at it in the distance. You will require more advanced strategies and combining various energy types to pass them.

You find yourself in one of Delta Labs' off-world research facilities in an unknown dimension that looks more like a crashing-down laboratory. Your old friends Eugene and Alex try to connect with you shortly, and with their help, you start a journey through various dimensions. You will learn different physics interactions and meet unusual creatures on your way home. Along this, you have to unveil the mysteries of this project and your past.

Experience a non-linear story where your choice always matters. Can you get to the bottom of this, or just try to escape? Who to listen? Who to trust? Which side will you take? And will you finally “break the Principle”? That depends entirely on you.

Make your way back to Earth through mysterious parallel dimensions littered with puzzles and secrets, uncover mysterious connections between the worlds you visit, and reveal the dark truth about Delta Labs and your involvement with them. Dare to explore?

  • Solve various physics-based puzzles
  • Unique gameplay mechanics that involve an energy-manipulating weapon
  • A mix of sci-fi with surreal and esoteric themes makes the game setting a unique design. Most of the time you'll spend in bizarre alien dimensions
  • Deeply thought-out story and lore. Each location and each character in the game has its own story revealed through various notes, environmental narratives, and characters' conversations.
  • The game features multiple endings that can be achieved through different choices

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Three Dots Games
Publisher: Take Aim Games

Size: 20.2 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


Nov 29

The Smurfs Mission Vileaf v1.0.19.3-DINOByTES

Release Description:

Go on an adventure to save your forest!

In a dusty grimoire, the wizard Gargamel just put his hands on the formula of an evil plant: the VILEAF.

This plant produces “VILETRAP” seeds, which can attract and imprison Smurfs… but these VILETRAP plants are also a great danger for the forest, as they are TOXIC, especially for the sarsaparilla fields!

PAPA SMURF decides to ask some of his fellow Smurfs to help him find the ingredients for a super powerful antidote for all the plants sick from the VILEAF.

Thanks to the SMURFIZER, an invention from HANDY SMURF, go on an adventure to find the ingredients and free your fellow Smurfs… and save the whole village!


  • Embody 4 iconic Smurfs: the Smurfette, Hefty Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Chef Smurf in 5 different worlds
  • Use the Smurfizer to heal the Vileaf contaminated plants on your way to Gargamel’s hovel
  • The Smurfizer will also make you jump, glide, dive, vacuum… keep a good timing to overcome every obstacle and beat your enemies
  • A subtle mix of platforming and exploration gameplays: find your way through vertical levels and explore them to uncover every secrets
  • Give life back to the Smurfs village by making progress and improve the Smurfizer by finding items spread around the levels
  • A game for every Smurfs fan, young or old, but also for every 3D platforming game fan!

Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: OSome Studio
Publisher: Microids

Release Name: The_Smurfs_Mission_Vileaf_v1.0.19.3-DINOByTES
Size: 1.7 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


Nov 29

Orten Was The Case-TENOKE

Release Description:

Get ready to step into the (non-existent) shoes of Ziggy - an unexpected hero from a fictional Swedish neighborhood. Together, you'll take on the daunting task of foiling a sinister scheme that could potentially devastate the entire world.

Ziggy wakes up one day with a strange mark on his hand, clueless about what happened the night before. After a couple of minutes lost amongst the familiar streets of his suburb, Orten, an explosion brings him back exactly where he woke up moments before… He’s stuck in a time loop.

With no shoes or recollection of the past, he goes on a mission to discover what the hell is going on and how to avoid the destruction of his city. This won’t be easy though, cause the more he snoops in the wrong places, the more he learns that his hometown has a lot of secrets hidden. His weird neighbors become weirder, and he can only rely on his friends, and on his highly reliable brain.

If the day repeats over and over, then how can one progress? That’s the catch: Knowledge is your key to progress in Orten. Each loop you go through, you will learn something new that will let you progress the story further. With this time loop mechanic, you’ll retain clues, notes, and timeline events, eventually knowing how you can change the future in just 12 minutes on a casual Sunday.

Who are they? The Midnight Council, I mean. They seem to be the only ones that are one step in front of you. What really happened in this town 40 years ago and how do you escape the time loop and death?

Follow the clues, solve puzzles, and explore the enigmatic suburb of Orten in this 2.5D hand-painted, adventure game!

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Woodhill Interactive
Publisher: Woodhill Interactive

Release Name: Orten.Was.The.Case-TENOKE
Size: 1.6 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


Nov 29


Release Description:

Rollerdrome is a BAFTA award-winning third person action shooter that seamlessly blends high octane combat with fluid motion to create an action experience like no other. Dominate with style in cinematic, visceral combat where kills net you health and pulling off tricks and grinds provide you ammunition, in this adrenaline-pumping action shooter.

The year is 2030. In a world where corporations rule and the lines between reality and performance are blurred, the public are kept distracted by the violence and excess of a brutal new blood sport — Rollerdrome. Will you have what it takes to become the Rollerdrome champion and unravel the mysteries behind the Matterhorn corporation’s true intentions?

From Roll7, the minds that brought you the award winning and critically acclaimed OlliOlli series comes Rollerdrome, an intense shooter-skater hybrid set in an evocative retrofuture.

Key Features:

  • A third person action shooter like no other – an original hybrid shooter-skater that blends high octane, visceral combat with fluid movement and tricking mechanics into one complementary and challenging whole.
  • A test of skill – Take on a unique challenge throughout the Rollerdrome tournament. Establish your dominance in the field with online leaderboards and push yourself to the limit with the unlockable "Out For Blood" mode for the most extreme test of skill and agility.
  • An original identity – An all-new fully original soundtrack that merges iconic era sounds and tones with cutting edge production to provide a heart-thumping backdrop to the carnage, brought to life with a unique comic-book inspired art style.
  • A dark conspiracy – Discover a mysterious, sinister plot in this distinct retrofuture universe.

Genre: Action, Indie, Sports
Developer: Roll7
Publisher: Private Division

Release Name: Rollerdrome-Razor1911
Size: 1.4 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


Nov 29


Release Description:

Noctuary is a dual-protagonist Visual Novel. Players can play the role of the duo, Fancia Dream and Alina Nightsong who have dreams of "becoming Arborangers who protect and serve everyone." Travel through the fairy-tale-like world as the duo, experience their lively daily adventures, and gradually encounter the life story of a mysterious girl who came down from the sky.

Meanwhile, don't forget to fight against the everpresent monsters—"Darkritters!" These dangerous enemies threaten the life of Illuminators constantly. Sharpen your fighting skills, defeat ferocious monsters and ensure peace in your community!

During your adventure, you will fight against various enemies. You can defeat them with a cascade of powerful combo attacks!

The two main characters master different skills and present various fighting styles, which allows you to win a battle in whichever method you choose. Switch between the two girls in battles to cope with enemies' attacks and finish them off with the powerful On-field Switch skill and the Synergy.

Embark on various missions within Inlixaland and become a unique "Arboranger."! In addition to the main storyline that spans several tens of hours, there are also over 20 side routes and quests featuring different stories and characters to explore. Join forces with diverse Illuminators as companions, cultivate relationships, and earn adventure rewards!

The friendships and blessings you harvest along the journey will strengthen you in battle. Feel free to combine the "Blessing Petals" that are embedded with features of different characters to customize your battle style. In addition, there are many other well-designed cultivation systems that are ready for you to explore!

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Developer: Gratesca
Publisher: Gratesca

Release Name: Noctuary-TENOKE
Size: 10.5 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


Nov 29

Golf With Your Friends Deluxe Edition-TENOKE

Release Description:

Why have friends if not to play Golf... With Your Friends! Nothing is out of bounds as you take on courses filled with fast paced, exciting, simultaneous mini golf for up to 12 players!

Key Features:
12 Player Multiplayer! Make sure your skills are up to scratch as you tee off against 11 other golfers in simultaneous online multiplayer.

Themed Courses! Go head to head on courses with unique mechanics and holes. Become a pro in the pirate course, aim for an albatross in the ancient theme or wage all out Worm warfare in the Worms course!

Powerups! Drive a wedge between your friends as you trap their ball in honey, freeze it or turn it into a cube.

Three Game Modes! Tee off in classic mini golf, shoot for the pars in hoops or swap the hole for a goal in hockey

Level Editor! Putt your own spin on the game by creating, sharing and playing your own courses.

Customisations! Turn the fairway into the runway, with unlockable hats, skins and trails for your ball.

Genre: Casual, Indie, Sports
Developer: Blacklight Interactive, Team17
Publisher: Team17

Release Name: Golf.With.Your.Friends.Deluxe.Edition-TENOKE
Size: 4.2 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


Nov 29

24H Stories The Blackout-TENOKE

Release Description:

Experience various terrifying encounters on a night of power outage from a first-person perspective. As the story progresses, the line between reality and imagination will become blurred. Before the truth is revealed, one question needs to be answered: Who am I?


  • First-person Perspective: Experience a night of horror from a first-person perspective.
  • Multiple Scenes: Explore maps based on the style of modern apartment buildings (5 in total).
  • Psychological Horror: Immerse yourself in terrifying encounters within an eerie story.
  • Puzzle-solving: Solve puzzles in complex environments using document clues.
  • Choice Inclination: Alter the course of the plot through dialogues.
  • Horror Scene Warning Feature: Don't like sudden horror scenes? No problem, with this feature enabled, you'll receive warnings in advance!
  • Save Feature: Automatic chapter-based saving feature.
This work is part of the 24H Stories series. Please refer to the information on the right for other works in the series.For youtuber and livestreamer
You are welcome to share any videos or pictures on your video platform. Feel free to express your opinions, whether positive or negative. I would greatly appreciate it if you could feature my game in your creations. If you would like me to include your related content (name, avatar, link) on the creator recommendation page of the next game, please submit your request in the discussion forum. Thank you :)

Genre: Indie
Developer: LikeGames
Publisher: LikeGames

Release Name: 24H.Stories.The.Blackout-TENOKE
Size: 1 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


Nov 29

Death Requiem-TENOKE

Release Description:

Death Requiem is a survival fantasy game. You'll dive into the dungeon and explore the gothic environment to experience the grandeur of architecture. At the same time, danger is approaching... The rift in the universe has opened and countless enemies are coming. Use your strategy and skill combination to fight against the enemies.

Are you ready to deal with constant stream of enemies and ready to start a wonderful adventure?

  • Intense Combat: Play as the third person character and fight against constantly spawning demons from the outside world. Different combat styles and abilities allow the player to create your own attack preference and bring different game experiences.
  • Wave System: Enemies will be refreshed in each wave and more and more. There will be more powerful enemies spawning in later waves. Get ready to face each wave of enemies' onslaught and try to survive as long as you can in this tense and exciting battle
  • Collection system and hidden rewards: Player needs to collect items and gold scattered in the world that can be used to buy weapons and upgrade character's abilities. There is a hidden boss that can boost character's attributes after being killed.
  • Skill trees and upgrade system: When killing enemies, player can get blood currency that can be used to upgrade character's attributes. The skill trees contain various expertise that can be used expand character's attack style. These skills include basic attacks, healing abilities and weapon upgrade and can be unlocked through current expertise level
  • Element upgrade: There are four kinds of magic cloaks in the game that can give players corresponding attributes that include: Fire, Poison, Lightning, Dark. Each magic cloaks contains magic skills that assist the player in killing enemies. These skills can be upgraded from skill trees once the player finds the cloak.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Miles Gong
Publisher: Miles Gong

Release Name: Death.Requiem-TENOKE
Size: 5.4 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


Nov 29

Plunder Ball-TENOKE

Release Description:

Plunder Ball is developed and published by an employee-owned independent game studio. Support independent and employee owned game studios!

Pirates. Zombies. Pinball. Plunder Ball is a casual pinball-inspired game. Survive wave after wave of zombie pirates as you fire, bounce, and tilt your way to victory. Gather gold and collect powerups to help you achieve a new high score. There is one board to play on, and the rounds do not stop- the only limit is how long you can survive against the onslaught of the undead. The more gold you collect between rounds, the greater your chances of survival.

Powerups include:
- A mega-sized cannonball to do massive damage
- A fiery cannonball for rapid-fire attacks
- A bomb-equipped ball for explosive carnage

Genre: Casual
Developer: Moonshot Interactive Games
Publisher: Moonshot Interactive Games

Release Name: Plunder.Ball-TENOKE
Size: 848.7 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search