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Jan 1

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June 21

The Tucker Carlson Show 2024.06.20 Neil Oliver Web-DL H264-DonJuan

Season , Episode – "Neil Oliver"
Until fairly recently, “conspiracy theorists” were commonly regarded as fringy wingnuts who had no substantive place in America’s intellectual discourse. Neither side of the political aisle took them seriously.
But that’s no longer the case. The ruling class has lied too much, and that unrelenting dishonesty has created widespread distrust of world governments’ concrete and uniform narratives.
Scottish author and TV host Neil Oliver has spent his entire adult life covering the news, and that career has done more than morph him into a “conspiracy theorist.” It’s made him a proud one.
Oliver joined The Tucker Carlson Show for a revealing conversation on COVID, BREXIT, the global banking system, the truth behind World War II, and more


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June 21

Mastermind AU S06E65 720p WEB-DL H264-P147YPU5

Season 6, Episode 65 –
The contenders will advance to a general knowledge round, and the person with the highest combined score for both rounds is declared the winner. Each Friday the weekly finals will see one person advance to the semi-finals and eventually compete against other winners at the end of the season for the prestigious title of Australia's Mastermind.


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